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The Lady of Shalott – NTSC Version


The well-known Tennyson poem, brought to life.

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In celebration of the 2009 bicentenary of the birth of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) WAG Screen made a short, filmed dramatisation of his poem The Lady of Shalott to be shown at The Collection, Lincoln. Inspiration for the visual imagery came from the many Pre-Raphaelite paintings that the poem inspired, but most especially the paintings of the artist John William Waterhouse. We also filmed the reading of the poem by Tennyson to an after dinner audience at Christmas 1856.

The DVD includes:

The Lady of Shalott dramatisation (14 minutes)
Tennyson reading The Lady of Shalott (9 minutes)
Conversation between Ben Poole (Tennyson) and Grace Timmins (Tennyson Research Centre) (16 minutes)
Dante Ferrara – La Donna di Shalott, music video (4 minutes)
The NTSC version is best suited to the USA and those parts of the world that use the US TV standards. If in doubt, click on the link “PAL or NTSC?” above to learn more.

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