William’s Story

Our 2014 WWI film ‘Tell Them of Us’, is the true story of one Lincolnshire family, made to commemorate the outbreak of WWI. Their story was told from the home front and the perspective of those left behind. ‘Tell Them of Us’ is now available on DVD and was shown on Estuary TV on Christmas day 2016

One story remained untold however; what happened to William Crowder at the front which resulted in him receiving the Distinguished Service Order. The DSO was awarded to an officer for acts of gallantry under attack; so what exactly happened to William? Fortunately we have an account of his experience of the Kaiserschlacht and it is one of the most arresting and visually compelling WWI narratives I have read.

Photo from our location filming by Stewart Wall


We filmed William’s Story, a drama-documentary, during the summer of 2016.

Adam Fox as William Crowder

William’s Story is now available as a special edition DVD along with ‘Tell Them of Us’.