Luttrell Psalter Film Costume

‘We took the decision early on in the process of making the Luttrell Psalter film, and in consultation with The Collection (the museum in Lincoln for whom the film was made), to reproduce recognisable images from the Psalter rather than to reinterpret them. The museum wanted the people from the Psalter images to “walk off the page”. We too felt that any deviation from the images was to move away from the primary source and so we worked hard to recreate the world that Sir Geoffrey created for posterity, rather than to reimagine it as we think it should have been.’ Pauline Loven

The Luttrell Psalter clothing was researched and made especially for the film by Pauline Loven (crow’s Eye Productions’ costumier) and a team of volunteers. For more on the costume see Pauline Loven’s blog: Period Wardrobe


Above left to right: Katy-Jayne Lintott, Jo Sullivan, Pauline Loven and Sam Green