Mick Paine – Master illuminator


Neil Parker – Ploughman


Jack Greene
Jack Greene, Oxen Goader, Harvester and Archer

Jake Sullivan – Cherry Thief

Kate Loven – Bucket Carrier

Pauline Loven – Jug Carrier

Keith Loven – Villager By Hearth

Becky Sullivan – Village Girl With Lucette

Patrick Kay – Sower, Thresher and Archer

Crispin Foster – Thresher

Dave Greenhalgh – Sling Shot Crow Scarer

Steve Jones – Angry Cherry Tree Owner And Archer

Judith Jones – Barefoot Chicken Feeder

Lucy Edwards – Villager

John Edwards – Fish Trap Setter

Martha Milne – Harvest Festival Villager

Katie Milne – Dancing Villager

Emily Milne – Dancing Villager

Rosie Milne – Harvest Festival Girl

Ellie Milne – Harvest Festival Girl

Marianne Wilson – Dancing Villager

Jo Wilson – Harvest Festival Villager

Ms Wilson – Dancing Villager

Tim Trussle – Dancing Villager

Gemma Nuttall – Villager

Will Turland – Swineherd

Alex Loven – Villager

Mikaela Olovson – Villager Spinning In Doorway

Sally Bleasdale – Woman Beating Husband With A Distaff

Michael Church – Beaten Husband

Roy Haynes – Shepherd and Clod Basher

Anne Haynes – Clod Basher

Ben Martin – Shepherd Playing Two Pipes

Annie Walker – Singing Spinner

Tim Walker – Harvest Foreman

Jamie Rae-Smith – Itinerant Blacksmith

Leo Spowage – Juggling Fool

Rosie – Dancing Villager & Harvester

Ivenna Durmush Villager

Ruth Andrews – Dancing Villager

Elizabeth King – Dancing Villager

Kat – Dancing Villager

Caroline Pearce – Milk Maid And Dancing Villager

John Gunner – Sheep Pen Shepherd

Sara Basquil – Harvester

Janice Nicholls – Harvester And Dancing Villager

Gill Tyler – Harvest Festival Villager

Jennifer Gannon – Harrowing Horse-Man

Az Dulare – Harvester

Eve Rose – Harvester

Daniel Wakefield – Harvester
Dante Ferarra (symphony)
Richard Still (knackers)
The Luttrell Choir
Kate Witney – Leader
Katy-Jayne Lintott
Azhriaz Dularne
Nic and Mrs Lance
Laraine Cooper
Sarah Rollitt
Charlotte Nicholls
Karen Ryan
Ruth Andrews
Paul and Catherine Martin
Michael Duffield
Jose Bruce
Tim and Annie Walker
Geoffrey Taylor
Raymond Lane Smith
Alex Greenfield
Christine Walker
Az Dularne
Sarah Rollitt

Horse: ‘Solitaire’ owned by Jennifer Gannon

Dog: ‘Ralph’, owned by Sam Green