About Us

WAG Screen is a community film-making group who make films about Lincolnshire’s history and heritage. We were established in 2006 and will be celebrated our first ten years in 2016. We comprise media professionals and historians working alongside graduates, undergraduates, actors and artists, as well as volunteers and those who join in for the experience.

However, in early 2017, we decided to put all WAG Screen’s filmmaking activities on hold – possibly indefinitely. This is due to the increasing difficulty of finding funding. The committee (Alison Hinckley, John Males and myself) will remain in place for at least the remainder of the anniversaries of WW1 – especially the 100th anniversary of Robert Crowder’s death later this year and Passchendeale in general – to look after the WW1 films and exhibition. Pauline Loven will look after our legacy long term. We also plan to seek publicity to celebrate our ten years.

dsc_2395We work hard to try and create opportunities for young people locally. Each film project is unique and our team can be as many as five hundred people. With each project we gather an ever widening band of wonderful and talented people and there is a real family atmosphere at each of our shoots. However, funding is becoming increasingly scare and any further film projects are unlikely.


WAG Screen is not constantly active, however, we have recently made a film and a drama documentary about a local family during the First World War. 

Twitter accounts: @screenwag and @ww1film 

We have a committee and a constitution. Our committee comprises: 

Pauline Loven – Project Manager, Alison Hinckley – Treasurer, John Males – Chairperson and  Adam Fox Fielding, Actors’ Representative

Pauline Loven co-founded WAG Screen in 2006. Pauline is a period costumier and a published historian and illustrator. She is a member of The Costume Society. Pauline has a First Class Honours degree in Heritage Studies and researches and produces short museum films.  She has 35 years of experience in period costume-making and 10 years of experience in design and making of costumes for film. Pauline is the period costumier for Crow’s Eye Productions. She also researches and produces Crow’s Eye Productions’ and WAG Screen’s historical films. Her extensive period clothing collection is made available to WAG Screen, making period drama affordable rather than prohibitively expensive for WAG Screen to make. Pauline is married with three children and one grandson. 

Alison Hinckley Having moved to Lincolnshire in 2013 to study as a mature student at the University of Lincoln, I recently graduated with a degree in Conservation. I joined WAG Screen during my first year of studies starting as an enthusiastic volunteer whilst filming of the production “Tell Them of Us” was taking place. I have been involved with set dressing, costume fitting, logistics and transport to name only a few. Working with the company has a real sense of community and I have made some fabulous friends along the way. Our new productions are varied and exciting and the offshoots in the form of exhibition work and presentations are a great opportunity to provide experience to students (of all ages) and members of the community who want to develop new skills and gain some working experience. Follow @alison_hinckley

John Males John is a retired educator in his 70’s. An ex-tourism manager and an ex-publishing copywriter, he took up acting in his retirement and starred in WAG Screen’s ‘William’s Story as the older William. John has also appeared in at least ten University of Lincoln student films this year. He was formerly staff at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School in Lincoln, where he remains a Governor at the school.

Adam Fox Fielding Adam is a Lincolnshire based actor: Adam Fox. He has considerable experience in all aspects of theatre and performance, working on stage, screen, radio and in touring productions. Adam has been dedicated to the arts, working professionally from the age of sixteen. Adam starred in WAG Screen’s films ‘Tell Them of Us’ and ‘William’s Story. He is currently starring in a series of web adverts. Follow @AdamActs



Cast and Crew for “William’s Story” on location.

We have been funded by the following funding bodies: The Heritage Lottery Fund, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, The Evan Cornish Grassroots Fund, The Lincolnshire Co-operative Society, Armed Forces Covenant Fund, Lincoln County Council, Horncastle Council and Lincolnshire Grassroots Fund.